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Industry 4.0

Next Generation of Intelligent Manufacturing

Industry 4.0: About

Far from just a concept based on long- standing aspirations of Industry 4.0, the factory of the future means going beyond the walls of production to optimise digital operations and transform the entire connected manufacturing ecosystem.

The technological integration of connectivity into products and the consequent ability of organizations to react faster with enhancements has decreased down times of manufacturing lines drastically. The emergence of digital, connected products is set to drive industry adoption of more reliable and easily maintainable smart manufacturing facilities.

Rhythmsoft Plant AI

Industry 4.0: About

Industry 4.0 offers

AI Powered System

Cutting edge intelligence at your disposal

Plant Edge Service

Bridging the Divide Between Digital Products and Intelligent Manufacturing

All updates on a Mobile App

Manage everything right from your pocket

Flexible Encrypted Servers

Your data privacy is our priority

Fully customisable Dashboards

Only shows what's important to you

Industry 4.0: Services


Plant AI

Plant AI

The full package with all AI tools enabled


Plant Analytics

Cutting Edge Industrial IOT


Quality Watch

AI powered system for fast and reliable inspection

Industry 4.0: Products

We customise our software solutions based on your requirements.

Industry 4.0: Image

Quality Watch for Glass Gluing


Glass Type Check

Primer Inspection

Glue Inspection

Glue Bead Joint Check

Glue Bead Measurement

Industry 4.0: Products

Continuous Product Innovation

High-performance Computing

Scalable Intelligent Business Application Platform

Proven Technology

Industry 4.0: Image
Working with Laptop


Industry 4.0 Products

People Working in Open Office


Engineers with Industry 4.0 Expertise

Micro Chip


Sensor Types Handled

Industry 4.0: Services
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