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About Rhythmsoft Robotics and Automation Pvt Ltd

Rhythmsoft Robotics and Automation Pvt Ltd opened its doors in 2000, and has been providing great products and services ever since. What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to customize our offering to customers’ needs, as well as our fantastic team of specialists.

No matter how unique or challenging your request is, you can count on us to find the right solution for you. Browse through our products and services below, and get in touch with us today.

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Managing Director

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Mr Pritish Chandratre

A soft spoken man of few words, Mr. Pritish Chandratre nevertheless holds strong and definite views with a quiet conviction. A first generation businessman, he founded Rhythmsoft Robotics & Automation Pvt. Ltd in the year 2003. His Contribution, Direction, Managerial skills and Technological expertise has taken the company to the leading position in Robotics & Automation.


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Rhythmsoft has received multiple awards over the course of years for its exceptional engineering and great leadership.


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Established Rhythmsoft Robotics & Automation Pvt. Ltd


Our Philosophy

Our Values :

Rhythmsoft employees support five company values:

  1. Smart work

  2. Trust

  3. Excellence

  4. Passion for growth

  5. Spirit of partnership

Our Mission :

Rhythmsoft deploys advanced engineered automation solutions that meet the global need of its customers.  We seek to achieve international growth by adherence to our core values of growth and the spirit of partnership.

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Helping Hands

Corporate Responsibility


Rhythmsoft strongly believes that development of the society is a key to sustained growth and development of the corporate community. We therefore strives to run its business in an environment friendly manner with a commitment, to provide social upliftment to the people thru creation of direct and indirect employment opportunities.

It is continuing corporate practice of Rhythmsoft, to value its commitments and grow in a socially and environmentally responsible way which values the interests of all stakeholders including the society. We firmly believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a very significant initiative in order to achieve a development on a wider scale at grass root level.

We have been contributing to the societal wealth creation by several ways and activities like innovation, employment generation, employee’s welfare, infrastructure development, contributions to various NGO’s etc. However, in line with the regulatory expectations, we are putting in place a formal policy as a guide towards our social commitment going forward.

CSR Activities:

As part of the CSR program, company is desirous of carrying out CSR activities primarily in the area of social upliftment, rural infrastructure development & employment oriented education to the underprivileged. This can potentially involve projects which are socially relevant for the nearby locality surrounding of Factory Premises as well as other selected locations which can benefit significantly from such CSR program. 

Execution of Projects / Programs:

The company may undertake one or more projects or programs or activities provided in the policy either as its own or through any implementation agency. It can also acquire the services of experts in respective fields by appointing them as consultants in a particular program or project. While engaging a third party agency for implementing a project or program covered in the CSR policy, the CSR committee shall ensure the eligibility of such agency.

The company may undertake programs in collaboration with other companies only in cases where such programs are separately reportable in the CSR report of each of the participating companies.

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