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End of Arm Tooling / Gripper

​Rhythmsoft supplies the complete End of Arm Tooling for Press Lines in association with Bilsing Automation Germany. Bilsing Automation has established itself as a global leader in the development and manufacturing of modular tooling solutions for the automated press shop.

We offer tooling systems for: Robot press to press transfer‚ linear transfer‚ press and crossbar transfer press. Special materials like aircraft-grade aluminium for vacuum cup mounting and customized rubber mixtures help to guarantee the operational stability‚ high performance and a long product life of our vacuum cup products.

We with Bilsing Automation are constantly striving to reduce the weight of tooling systems. It’s being succeeded through the use of innovative lightweight alloys and carbon fibre technology.

We have been successful in developing innovative lightweight alloys and carbon fibre technology for our tooling.

Industry Sectors that use this Technology

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Press Shop Automation

Body Shop Automation

Powertrain Automation

Final Assembly


Glass Gluing Automation

Forging & Foundry Automation

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