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tooling for cross 1_edited.jpg

tooling for cross 1_edited.jpg



Tooling for Cross Bar Transfer Press

  • The tooling mainly consists of an air coupling, carrier bar, holding bridge for carrier beam, swivel arms and connection adaptors with vacuum suction cups.

  •  The variety of suction geometry, shore hardness and connection options allow unlimited freedom of adjustment.

  • The minimal number of suction cups reduces the number of tooling components, thus saving weight and minimizing the tooling costs.





Tooling for Transfer Press

  • Our modular concept saves you time and solves all problems.

  • You achieve maximum flexibility without designing, welding or drilling.

  • You can place the shovel wherever you need it. Tighten the screws - finished!

  • The shovel with the part sensor can be variably adjusted by combining with a swivel arm or extension.

laser cutting 1_edited.jpg

laser cutting 1_edited.jpg

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Laser / Plasma Cutting

Rhythmsoft offers a complete turnkey solution in Robotic Laser Cutting application which consists of KUKA’s High Accuracy robot with laser cutting head along with fixtures & robot cell peripherals.

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oiler 2_edited.jpg

The Oiler can be programmed to spray oil on selected sections of the sheet.

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End of Line Conveyor

eol conveyor 1_edited.jpg

The End of Line Automation consists of :

  • Robot.

  • End of Line Conveyor made of modular PP belt.

  • EOL conveyor can be programmed for Continuous or Stop & Go functionality.

  • Speed of Conveyor can be varied between 300mm~500mm/min.

Salient features of PP Belt Conveyor :

eol conveyor 2_edited.jpg
  • Long Life Because of the PP Material.

  • Modular Design allows replacing damaged pieces without removing the entire belt.

  • Plastic Materials don't generate self-healing cracks i.e. less labour cost and no contamination risks.

  • No Pre-tensioning of the belt is necessary and hence no undue forces on the structure.

  • It has a positive drive in place of friction drive in conventional conveyors.

  • No possibility of belt slipovers.

  • Eliminates costly and time-consuming maintenance such as tracking, tensioning, vulcanizing, splicing etc.

  •    High Quality and Improved Orientation.

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End of Arm Tooling / Vacuum Gripper

Rhythmsoft supplies the complete End of Arm Tooling for Press Lines in association with Bilsing Automation Germany. Bilsing Automation has established itself as a global leader in the development and manufacturing of modular tooling solutions for the automated press shop. We offer tooling systems for: Robot press to press transfer‚ linear transfer‚ press and crossbar transfer press. Special materials like aircraft-grade aluminium for vacuum cup mounting and customized rubber mixtures help to guarantee the operational stability‚ high performance and a long product life of our vacuum cup products. We with Bilsing Automation are constantly striving to reduce the weight of tooling systems. It’s being succeeded through the use of innovative lightweight alloys and carbon fibre technology.

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Tandem Press Line

Rhythmsoft offers Tandem Press Line Robot Automation from De - stacking to End of Line Conveyor.
It consists of :

  • Front of Line Automation

  • Interpress Automation

  • End of Line Automation

fol 1_edited.jpg

Front of Line

The front of line automation consists of :

  • Robots

  • De – stackers

  • Double Blank Detector

  • Feeder Conveyor

  • Programmable Oiler / Washer

  • Automatic Centering Station

de-stacker 1_edited.jpg


The De-stacker consists of :

  • Manual Swing type Fenny Magnet Swivel Arms.

  • Arms adjustable on linear guideways.

  • Fenny magnets have pneumatic retracts.

  • Fenny magnets height is adjustable by +/–75mm.

  • Proximity sensor mounted on Magnet stand for detection of the last blank.

oiler 1_edited.jpg

Oiling & Washing Automation

Spraying in pattern with a programmable choice of nozzles in use :

  • Programmable pattern.

  • Top and bottom strips are separately programmable.

  • Programming and control by own electrical control included in oil the oil spraying system

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